What would be …

if we find a way to overcome our current decision-making backlog?

Many companies are in Wait state. The employees are in the (finally accepted) home office and regularly take part in zoom calls and team meetings. But are processes really being promoted here or just being managed? Are decisions made and implemented directly?

Rarely, because uncertainty is widespread, because the processes do not flow!

traffic jams arise because there is often a lack of a clear focus on mutually agreed goals, or because the current framework conditions seem too unclear. Both require good leadership.

Idea jam | Innovation backlog | Implementation backlog

Untie the knot, navigate clear again, bring you back water under your keel by watching uncertain times clear directions and goals elaborate and proclaim.

Take advantage of the crisis and the vacuum that your competitors are currently leaving open in an anti-cyclical manner innovative business models to develop for the future and thus make your company more adaptable and resilient!

Provide clarity and structure. This avoids (latent) existential fears. Your team can align and will empower you! We support you in solving traffic jams and knots with our individually adapted ecologii Sprint workshop:

  • How do I resolve a decision jam?
  • How do I get my team out of lethargy?
  • How do I develop an innovative structure with my team for the common goal?

Arrange one with us ecologii Sprint workshop to resolve decision backlogs!