How high is the resilience factor for your company?

A change of perspective with a method.

Increase resilience with ecologii

In the past we have often asked ourselves how adaptable a company actually has to be?
Or how adaptable can it even be?

In the process, we either came into contact with very motionless eco-systems that liked to be on the 'beaten track', or we met exactly the opposite, i.e. hyperactive and therefore often disoriented companies.

It was interesting that we did this from different perspectives - a. from the perspective of an international consumer electronics company and b. from the point of view of a strategy and brand agency - and came to the same conviction.

Survivability is closely related to adaptability.

Nature teaches us that both animals and plants in their respective environments are frequently and often suddenly threatened in their existence. Their ability to adapt to crises and threats determines their existence. A look at competitive markets shows the same conditions. Only those who can quickly and flexibly adapt their strategy to market changes or crises will assert themselves in the market and survive.

In many companies, however, the strategy development still worked with time windows of 5-10 years. Is that still realistic and promising in times of rapid change? That never really convinced us. And that's why we have with ecologii Agile methods developed, which above all increase the adaptability of strategies and their implementation speed and thus make companies more resilient. The decisive factor is not just the strategy, but above all the resulting implementation competence. That's what it's all about. We are happy to be able to build on really well-founded experience with a wide variety of change scenarios with these topics. We would like to pass on and share this expertise through our methods and tools.

What we do when we start ecologii However, did not expect it was a pandemic. It has turned almost everything upside down, definitely the economic framework. On the other hand, it has also confirmed the laws of nature and shown companies how quickly they have to be able to adapt. Our idea and company basis for ecologii was thus confirmed and strengthened by the pandemic.

ecologii makes companies more adaptable and sustainable. Thanks to an agile strategy and high implementation skills, we strengthen the resilience factor. We think in business sprints, i.e. short, very fast sections in which we review the strategy together with the decision-makers, point out options, adapt the strategy sensibly and implement it quickly.

This is how we change perspective!

About our intense Business scan the entry point is found very quickly, as the most important challenges and adjusting screws are identified. We transfer these topics in the second step in a 3-5 day Business design sprint. A first prototype for an agile corporate strategy is created here. As a result, the implementation can also be implemented very efficiently with these results, since resources can be controlled in a very focused manner.

With our methods, we believe that we have found a framework that not only helps companies or organizations to become more agile, but also gives them new orientation and motivation, especially in the restart phase after the pandemic.

Have you ever thought about your company's resilience?
How adaptable is your organization, sales or value creation?

Change your perspective with us.