What does the name ecologii actually stand for?

ECOnomy + EcoLOGY + Innovation = ecologii

What does the name ecologii stand for?

Since our start we have been asked a lot about the name ecologii has on itself. The name arose from the conviction that an economy can no longer function without ecology. In our perception, the areas are not a contradiction, but rather there is a strong cooperation with great potential for every company. For us, these future opportunities can be aptly described with #lifematters.

Ecologii is the merging of the terms ECOnomy and ecoLOGy. Whereby we end our name with two 'ii'endowed with an innovative energy. In terms of content, this innovative approach is reflected in our methods and approaches, which place people at the center of our work. On our common path, we want to make companies more adaptable, make them more resilient and agile and allow them to change with meaning.

Supports companies that embark on this path ecologii in your strategy, digitization, brand and communication.

And it stands #lifematters for us in a prominent position, because people and the environment are important to us. It will only be good for us humans if we do business responsibly and have the courage to break new ground. The steadily increasing speed of change in the most diverse eco-systems and markets is a real and extreme challenge for corporate development. And that's exactly where it helps ecologii.

If you find the topic exciting, you should just say 'Moin'. We look forward to the exchange!