It took us 25 years for our foundation.

But now it was time! #moin #ecologii

Thomas & Holger (from left)

Thomas Dobberstein and Holger Ambroselli

What stories are drifting ecologii and the #lifematters idea with a new way of thinking for strategy, brand, digitization and communication especially? There are two North Germans who have found their entrepreneurial 'home port' in Hamburg in different ways: Holger Ambroselli and Thomas Dobberstein.

'We know each other from competitive days together, were players on the same team and were friends from the start. We have developed mutual trust on the field, where we regularly pushed our limits together, and sometimes beyond.'

Strategy, brand and marketing have been the overarching topics for both for over 25 years:

'We are fine-tuning that, we want to keep improving, we discuss that intensively, because we complement each other in a special way thanks to different perspectives and résumés ecologii-Cooperation is therefore a well thought out, a mature idea with a somewhat longer history. '

Holger moved from Hanover (publishing) to Italy via the then renowned Hamburg agency Lintas in the 90s. In South Tyrol he started out as advising customers at an advertising agency before taking over the local agency Conzepta and developing it into an international 'boutique agency' for brand strategy and creative quality. Through many international projects and corresponding networks, he participated in the development of the European B2011B agency network BaseOne in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin from 2. From 2015 he deepened his experience in the field of digitization and took over the management of a Berlin software company with a focus on tourism IT solutions.

At the same time, Holger has continuously developed his solo self-employment since 2016 under the brand 'Sam's Strategy Kitchen', with which he has now established himself with well-founded, motivating strategy workshops and unusual business coaching. This closes the circle, because Holger is back in Hamburg, where a very exciting new chapter has begun with the founding of ecologii.

Thomas As an economist with a degree in Hanover, he quickly moved north to Hamburg to the Japanese company Hitachi. With the first spurs as a product manager for consumer electronics, the leap to the market giant Panasonic came after 5 years. After 5 successful years as Mr.Technics, 15 more followed in all conceivable marketing positions (PR, trade marketing, media, online). Responsible for the start and development of the entire website of the multinational group in Germany, the digitization topics CRM, social media and eCommerce were quickly added for Thomas and his team of 9 employees. As Head of IT Innovation, it was also important to break up outdated system worlds and to consolidate them in a meaningful way.

A perfect preparation for the self-employment started in 2015 as Dobberstein Marketing Consulting. Since then, a wide range of tasks from marketing and digitization has been developing organically in a wide variety of industries and company sizes.

Two exciting and eventful paths through life, ample experience in leadership, development and implementation, as well as a large network are now joining the young, curious and yet mature startup ecologii in Hamburg. Experience meets responsibility, curiosity meets innovation, diversity enriches know-how. The team spirit and the joy of playing have remained, only the playing field has changed.