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The recruiting strategy sprint 'Attract specialists – secure the future'

Securing the future potential of a company or a region increasingly depends on one's own ability to find suitable specialists, inspire them and retain them in the long term. Specialists determine the market, an employer market has become an employee market. New generations with greatly changed demands on potential employers are entering working life and are increasingly determining it.

  • As a company (SME), do you know your potential candidates: inside and do you know their priorities?
  • Are you already feeling the effects of the shortage of skilled workers on your company utilization and your achievable turnover?
  • Are you finding it increasingly difficult to identify and hire suitable personnel for your vacancies?

ecologii untie these knots together with you with one Recruiting strategy sprint workshop 'Attract specialists – secure the future' for companies, destinations and organizations that want to create sustainable team building.

The recruiting strategy sprint
'Attract specialists – secure the future'

In recent years, marketing methods have changed massively and make it urgently necessary to adapt the way of working. Unfortunately, the thinking that we have always done it this way and that it has always worked no longer works.

Modern companies are all about testing ideas. "Fail fast and learn and adapt faster". This way of thinking has fundamentally changed the way brands work.

This is where the recruiting strategy sprint comes into play.

A recruiting strategy sprint is an agile process to review and develop your employer branding and HR strategy in just 5 days.

The HR strategy is developed in the team using appropriately creative methods. This can easily save you weeks or even months of work, prevent investments in unsuccessful recruiting campaigns and, above all, secure new specialists much faster.

This sprint workshop is designed as a continuous loop so that your company can subsequently use it to test, learn, repeat, measure and develop further.

With the recruiting strategy sprint, you can make faster progress in the search for new specialists and talents and it helps you to develop concepts that work better. This inevitably leads to significant cost savings!

What is the result of a recruiting strategy sprint?

In the end, the prototype stands for your individually optimized HR strategy and a recruiting process with an ideal fit for potential employees: inside. On this basis, future HR campaigns can be created and implemented much faster. Your company benefits from a much more efficient search, faster on-boarding of candidates and long-term employee retention: inside. Ultimately, the future of the company is secured in the long term - and in just 5 days.

The benefit for your company:

To save time:

Instead of spending weeks or even months working on ideas that may never work, this time is reduced to 5 days.

Common direction:

The sprint format ensures that your HR and marketing team, stakeholders and decision makers have the same understanding of the challenge and are moving in the same direction.

Better HR Marketing:

Ideas can be tested faster with the target group. They lead to a significantly optimized recruiting process and to candidates: internally, who more closely match the corporate philosophy.

Agile working:

With this sprint, the participants develop an understanding of how to act and react quickly - and thus continuously improve recruiting or HR marketing.

The recruiting strategy sprint at a glance:

  1. Day // Review and development of employer branding and positioning
  2. Day // Analysis and profiles of the target group relevant to your company (professionals and talents), including current market developments
  3. Day // Definition and optimization of your recruiting process (we close the gap between actual and target)
  4. Day // Idea development of the future HR strategy
  5. Day // Development of your strategy prototype with messages and channels, test and implementation roadmap for the corresponding communication concept

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